Nobels Bass Overdrive ODR-B

Nobels Bass Overdrive ODR-B

Bass Overdrive has Tube-amp like sound. Adds warm upper harmonics to your bass frequencies. Provides extra-effective tonal dimension in the low region! Controls for Drive, Deep, Mid, Hi, and Level. Input jack for remote switch.

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User Reviews of the Nobels Bass Overdrive ODR-B

  • Submitted by gland from United Kingdom (48 points) on Jan 3, 2005
  • Not bad at all. Great for droning bass feedbacks when cranked right up. This thing really rumbles! The drive, deep, mid and hi controls make for a flexible sound and the volume boost is good. When turned up to full makes a really spikey wall of noisy fuzz. A very nice pedal that I picked up cheap at an independant music store.
  • Good Points: Nice range of sound can be achieved with the controls.
  • Bad Points: Shit as actual bass guitar distortion (unless you do drone)and the foot switch can get a bit stiff.
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