Nobels Distortion Special DT-SN

Nobels Distortion Special DT-SN

Distortion Special with adjustable Noise Gate. 2 units in 1 housing! A 5-control super-distortion and an adjustable noise gate. Controls for Drive, N-gate, Level, Lo, Mid, and Hi. Input jack for remote switch.

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User Reviews of the Nobels Distortion Special DT-SN

  • Submitted by James from Portage, MI (18 points) on Aug 12, 2006
  • I discovered this unit at a pawn shop. I traded an older Digitech MDS20/20 delay unit in exchange for this Nobels DT-SN. I did a rather quick test using my POD and a pair of in ear headphones as an intial test. My first impression is that it is indeed a special pedal. I was curious what the remote was for. The pedal seemed to have a good range of usable sounds. The Noise reduction worked very well. I thought that this would be a good addition to my pedal board to add an additional voice to my setup. I think this pedal has a good warm tone to it. I am using it with a BOSS BD-2 Blues driver next to it. I also use a Boss PQ-3B parametric to boost lows and higs a bit. I use these pedal on the solid state, clean channel on my ADA preamp. It gives me extra voices for tones. I place them as close as possible to switch between them or cascade them. The DT-SN and the BD-2 seem to complement each other well.
  • Good Points: 1. You can find a manual for it on-line. 2. It has the noise reduction built in. 3. It has a three band equalizer. 4. It has has a remote feature which gives you flexiblitiy to place the pedal in a rack. It can be activated with another footswitch or by a unit like the Rocktron Replifex that has midi-controlled channel switching capability. 6. The battery cover is attached, so it won't come off and get lost.7. The battery compartment is easier to access that a BOSS pedal. 8. The footswitch is similar to BOSS type 9. The IN/OUT/remote jacks are located at the top of the pedal rather than the sides, NICE! 10. The pedal seems tough and durable. 11. This pedal is a great deal. Out of the box thinking and clever design make this pedal truly a special find!
  • Bad Points: I wish it was marketed better so, I could of discovered it before.
  • Price Paid: US$40.00
  • Purchased At: American Pawn Shop
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