Nobels Switcher AB-1

Nobels Switcher AB-1

The Switcher is an active Universal A/B footswitch. It lets you switch between two inputs to one output, or one input to two outputs. Set perfect volume levels, as each channel has a seperate volume control. 2 Leds indicate which channel is active! Input jack for remote switch.

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User Reviews of the Nobels Switcher AB-1

  • Submitted by Iain David from United Kingdom (140 points) on Nov 16, 2007
  • This thing has become somewhat of a secret weapon in my recent set-ups. I tend to use it to toggle two inputs through one pedal chain but there are lots of other uses you could put it to if yr savvy enough. Not sure how it stands up agains the Boss Line Selecter but i'm more than happy with the way this thing performs.
  • Good Points: - Easy to use. - Cheap (I got mine used). - Volume controls are super useful. - Feels solidly built.
  • Bad Points: - There's a slight bleed of the signal between channels but with high volumes that noisicians work at this shouldn't really be a problemo.
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