Rogue Stereo Volume Pedal VP-201

Rogue Stereo Volume Pedal VP-201

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Whale-song swells or hands-free volume control. A high-quality stereo pedal ideal for noisicians on a budget. Features an adjustable sensitivity knob. Made of durable high-grade plastic with non-slipping rubber feet. Two inputs and outputs for two mono signals or one signal with stereo audio. Two channels in and out, Super-tough plastic construction, Great price.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $50.00

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User Reviews of the Rogue Stereo Volume Pedal VP-201

  • Submitted by ggg³ from Beverly Hills, CA (38 points) on Jan 17, 2002
  • I bought this pedal because it was cheap, not expecting much. However, it is by far at least as good functionally as say, the 0 Ernie Ball volume pedal, which I have used. Ironically, a used Ernie Ball pedal actually stopped cutting the input sound completely when in the down position, whereas this pedal has retained it efficacy to this day. This pedal has no needed power supply and TWO ins and TWO outs on the front, as well as an adjustable 'range' slider in case one wouldn't want to cut the volume completely. Perfect for controlling the volume of any 1/4" source when ones hands are busy elsewhere. As well, it can be used as an expression pedal with a stereo RCA cable, one stereo RCA to 1/4" adapter and two mono RCA to Stereo 1/4" adapters. Simply plug the red to the in and the white to the out and the dual RCA-1/4" adapted end into the exmpression pedal input of any piece of gear.
  • Good Points: Two 1/4" ins/outs, no power needed, adjustable range slider on front which when set down all the way completely cuts the signal, good range, lightweight, durable, has four thick rubber feet and best of all, CHEAP!
  • Bad Points: Made of plastic, bit of a clunky movement (you can kinda feel the grooves of the gears)
  • Price Paid: US$20.00
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