Yamaha Distortion DI-01

User Reviews of the Yamaha Distortion DI-01

  • Submitted by Phil from London (140 points) on Dec 29, 2010
  • This seems to fall somewhere between an overdrive and a distortion. Quite dark and full sounding, not compressed like, say, a Boss distortion. Quite open and thick along the lines of a RAT perhaps, but not as versatile and with a lower output. Still pretty useful for noise but probably not as your only distortion.
  • Good Points: Cheap, built like a tank, doesn't sound like much else, useful dark tone and fairly strong output.
  • Bad Points: Seems to battery only unless I'm missing something obvious. Mine seems to have a plastic blanking panel where the power socket would logically be, so maybe mine has been "adapted" by a previous owner.
  • Price Paid: US$19.00
  • Purchased At: eBay
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