Yamaha Distortion DI-10MII

User Reviews of the Yamaha Distortion DI-10MII

  • Submitted by grizzlor from Springfield, PA (700 points) on Nov 6, 2008
  • This Yamaha distortion isn't gonna be the best go-to noise dist. but, if you need another distortion with different character. I might go as far as to suggest this one. it has 3 controls out level, tone, and distortion. pretty basic run-of-the-mill controls. However the tone control is more like a Q-filter with a pretty wide range, than your average distortion. One of the bad points though is it'll suck your signal. There have also been times when i had the pedal unengaged and you could effect the sound by moving the knobs. that wasn't a huge problem for me. but it might be for you. I never tried this in a F. loop though. I guess i should have considering the heavy filter section on it. it's great with contact mic'd metal pieces, especially if you follow it with a metal type disortion (dod death metal, ehx metal muff, boss metal zone) it'll bring out the pain tones highs as well as the grumbly lows. It's housed in a rugged enclosure, with a heavy duty monster truck tread stomp pad, however like all mass produced effects, it;s just a little plastic switch inside. Not to mention it makes use of the batman forever font. All in all i keep it around for rainy days.
  • Good Points: decent constuction, all metal enclosure. unique filtering section.
  • Bad Points: sucks volume/tone, may also work when not engaged.
  • Price Paid: US$35.00
  • Purchased At: ebay
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